Fundamental Skincare Oil 100ml

  • 100ml


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A total everyday – FACE, BODY, SCALP – solution that helps maintain healthy skin and combat skin ageing.

All the power of highly concentrated Neem which treats and regulates skin conditions over time for comfortable, healthy skin.

For all combination to dry, irritated, tired or overwhelmed skin and for skin prone to itching, redness and discomfort.

In perfect harmony with the skin, its surprising, light, very penetrating texture makes it easy to absorb all the Neem goodness.

Results: ultimate balance, vitality, softness and radiance are restored to the skin and hair.

The Nym Fundamental Oil harnesses the extraordinary natural power of Neem.

Neem offsets:

– Skin blemishes and irritation

– The effects of ageing

Highly concentrated in liposoluble extract of Neem leaves with proven anti-inflammatory and anti-free radical properties, this skincare incorporates the restructuring and soothing properties of Inca Inchi oil.

No parabens, phenoxyethanol or dyes. Preservative-free.

A formula with remarkable, proven effectiveness

The 0.02% concentration of our liposoluble extract of Neem leaves helps reduce the enzyme activity of inflammatory 5-LOX by 79%.


Professor Michel Prost’s teams carried out KRL and Reseda tests on the Fundamental Skincare Oil.

The results have shown that 1 ml of Fundamental Skincare Oil can increase anti-free radical resistance by 26%.
1 ml of Fundamental Skincare Oil has antioxidant powers equivalent to 10.4 mg of vitamin E, and 4.8 mg of phenolic acid !

The Fundamental Skincare Oil thus keeps all of our cells intact.


For 22 adult volunteers under dermatological supervision

Skin type: dry and sensitive combination skin, dry and sensitive skin

Results after 21 days of application to the face, hands, feet and shaving areas

Overall satisfaction of 82%

Pleasant fragrance : 91% – More comfortable skin : 91%

Softer skin : 91% – Hydrated skin : 91%

Nourished skin : 91 % – Soothed skin : 82%

Luminous skin : 77% – Smoother skin texture : 73%

The complexion is clearer and more even : 64%

Face : use every day on dry skin, in the evening alone or under the Fundamental Night Cream or in the morning under the Fundamental Day Cream. .

After cleansing your skin, place a few drops in the palm of your hand, then apply in gentle smoothing movements to avoid irritating the skin. Avoid the eye contour. Ideal after shaving.

Body : use every day on dry skin, morning and evening if necessary.

After washing, apply zone by zone to the bust, stomach, back, thighs and legs or a special area of your choice. Use light and gentle massage movements with the flat of the hand to avoid irritating the skin. Ideal after hair removal or shaving.

Scalp : use before shampoo or as a conditioner on dry or damp hair.

Place a few drops in the palm of your hand, then apply to the scalp.